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Have compassion

Jesus performed two identical miracles to train his disciples to be compassionate towards those people whom they preach the word. 

Recently He’d fed 5000 because  they’d said to him, "Should we go and buy two hundred denarii worth of bread and give them something to eat?" And now in Chapter 8 he is feeding 4000 because they asked, "Where can anyone get enough bread here in this desolate place to feed these people?"

In both incidents/miracles he was moved with compassion, and what does it mean for you to have compassion?

To be compassionate is to not just tell someone that you care, but you show them that you care by being there before they even ask for it, and that’s exactly what Jesus did. He had sympathy, concern, and pity for people, and in Mark 8:2-3 He said, "I have compassion on the multitude, because they have now been with me three days, and have nothing to eat: And if I send them away fasting to their own houses, they will faint by the way: for divers of them came from far."

In Mark 6 he also was moved with compassion; and he taught them many things, and fed them as well, is the same here, He said to His disciples, I am compassionate for the people, and He did not want to send them away hungry well. 

Compassion is understanding, is feeling deeply for another person - he said, because they have now been with me three days, and have nothing to eat, and if I send them away fasting to their own houses, they will faint by the way: for divers of them came from far.

Compassion is a fruit of the spirit; meaning it’s an act, action that expresses kindness or empathy. You show those you are ministering to that you care, you show them kindness, empathy, care, concern, sensitivity, warmth, brotherly love, gentleness, mercy, tolerance, 
consideration and that you’re human also, you’re concerned about wellbeing and future as well.

But each time He performed these miracles His disciples had every reason to excuse themselves from feeding the people. They said, "Where can anyone get enough bread here in this desolate place to feed these people?" The people should understand that we are a charity, we’re in a desert. Send them away Lord so that they can go into the surrounding countryside and villages to buy themselves something to eat.” Their attitude was to get away. But here Jesus isn’t concerned about your spirituality alone but your physical wellbeing as well.

But he said "You give them something to eat." Anyway he came to their rescue and performed a teaching miracle, and fed 4,000 people before Jesus could send them away, and they collected seven large baskets of leftover pieces. In the first miracle he fed 5000 men, and twelve baskets of leftover pieces were also collected.

The bible says he immediately got into the boat with his disciples and went to the district of Dalmanutha, and there the Pharisees came and began to argue with him, demanding of him a sign from heaven to test him. Then he got back into the boat, and went to the other side, and on the way he said to his disciples, "Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and of the leaven of Herod."

The disciples had forgotten to take bread and had only one loaf with them in the boat, and they were discussing among themselves that they did not have any bread.

"Aware of this, he said to them, "Why are you discussing the fact you have no bread? Don't you understand or comprehend? Do you have hardened hearts? Do you have eyes and not see; do you have ears and not hear? And do you not remember? 

When I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many baskets full of leftovers did you collect?" "Twelve," they told him. "When I broke the seven loaves for the four thousand, how many baskets full of pieces did you collect?" "Seven," they said. 

And he said to them, "Don't you understand yet?"" Mark 8:17-21.

Jesus expects us his followers to comprehend his teachings; and as his disciple to see, hear, understand and remember. 

He performed two similar miracles, and made made them take part, yet they did not see, hear, understand or remember. All, the disciples were doing is to completely miss Jesus’ intention. 

When He mentioned “leaven,” they began to discuss their failure to bring bread, when in actual fact he was saying watch out for the teaching of both the Pharisees and Herod. The former were noted for their hypocrisy, and the latter represented a worldly group with an intense interest in political power, and these when you’re not careful can mislead you.

God bless you,
Simple Gospel Summation 


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