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The Synoptics

The Divinity of Jesus Christ

The synoptics tells us of what Jesus said and did; and the spiritual gospel, Johntells us who Jesus is. So this page focuses  on the signs, sayings and identity of Christ, enjoy!

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  1. The Kingdom of God
  2. The mystery of the kingdom of God
  3. Why He came
  4. In Him was life & the life was the light of men
  5. It is well with my soul
  6. Light set on a candle
  7. Legion - You need deliverance?
  8. They were offended at him
  9. Who is my mother or my brethren?
  10. Jesus sends out the twelve disciples 
  11. Lord, send labourers 
  12. The Parable of the sower
  13. Give yourself to fasting and prayer
  14. Have compassion 
  15. What defiles a man
  16. Beware of men
  17. Who is a blind leader?
  18. Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?
  19. Jesus was transfigured 
  20. Suffer the little children
  21. Lazarus come forth!
  22. What must I do to inherit eternal life?
  23. The Triumphal Entry
  24. The lesson of the withered fig tree
  25. Passover Preparations  
  26. For it is written - Mount Olives 
  27. The Resurrection of Jesus
  1. Christ is born!
  2. SATAN
  3. Demons!
  4. Jesus is Rejected at Nazareth!
  5. John the Baptist
  6. Parables on New Garment & Wineskins
  7. The gracious words!
  8. Make a Distinction!
  9. He has anointed Me!
  10. My mother and My brothers are these!
  11. Do you see this woman?
  12. Jesus Cleanses a Leper!
  13. He lifted up His eyes towards His disciples!
  14. A man placed under authority!
  15. The Parable of the Sower
  16. Parable of the Lamp
  17. Where is your faith?
  18. Do you believe this?
  19. Demonic possession
  20. Take Up the Cross and Follow Him!
  21. The Christ of God
  22. Who is my neighbour?
  23. Who’s the greatest?
  24. Spirits are subject to you!
  25. Blessed are the eyes!
  26. Sit down, Martha!
  27. Lord, teach us to pray!
  28. The kingdom of God vs The kingdom of Satan
  29. The sign of Jonah
  30. Beware of leaven
  31. A lit lamp gives you light
  32. More....

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